Veterans´ stories

Veteran Ainar Afanasjev


Depicted in the photo is Emma is with her father, veteran Lieutenant Colonel Ainar Afanasjev, who participated in the foreign mission to Afghanistan in 2014.

1. How did your career in the Defence Forces begin?

My career began in the autumn of 2000, when I entered the military service in the Air Defense Division. In 2001 I started the 5th Course in Estonian National Defence College.

2. When and where was your first mission?

My first and so far only mission was Afghanistan in 2014, ISAF HQ IJC.

3. What was the biggest challenge while you were on the mission?

Being away from loved ones.

4. Who was left waiting at home and how often was it possible to communicate with your loved ones?

My wife and 3 daughters were waiting at home, with whom it was possible to communicate by phone on a daily basis.

5. What has the mission experience given or taught you?

New experiences and acquaintances, doing and organizing housework remotely.

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