Veterans month

April is a month of veterans!

Since 2014, The Estonian Society of Wounded Soldiers in cooperation with the Women’s Voluntary Defence Organization have been carrying out The Blue Hepatica campaign in every spring during the month of April. This campaign calls for wearing the Blue Hepatica pin in recognition of veterans of the Defence Forces and the Defence League and their close ones.

In the spring of 2023, funds will be raised to support veterans and their relatives, as well as the health care industry at large. The donations collected from the sales of the Blue Hepatica products will, in cooperation with the Pärnu Bay Rotary Club, help to make Pärnu Beach accessible also to people with disabilities, purchase a video colonoscope needed for Hiiumaa Hospital, and in cooperation with the Paraolympic Committee create an opportunity for para-skiing at Kiviõli Ash Hill.


Today’s veterans have participated in international military and peacekeeping operations in Croatia, Lebanon, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Kosovo, the Central African Republic, Iraq, Afghanistan, Mali, Israel, Syria, Macedonia, the Gulf of Aden, and the Mediterranean. There are more than 3,000 veterans among us – their families and homes are all over Estonia, they can be found active in very different areas of life and interests.

These brave men and women will always be united by the mission experience and the continued will to stand for the freedom of the Estonian country and people. The country and our allies have always highly valued the veterans of the Defence Forces and the Defence League, but the support of their close ones, colleagues, friends and the entire nation is also important to them.

The symbol of veterans is the blue hepatica, which everyone can wear to show that we value their contribution to our common security. The blue hepatica pins and braided wristbands are crafted by people with different mental and physical disabilities all over Estonia with the help of SA Hea Hoog Foundation. Each pin is a unique craft. Women’s Voluntary Defence Organization volunteers spread information about the campaign and collect donations with the sales of Blue Hepatica products all across Estonia. With the purchase of the Blue Hepatica pin, you will help the Estonian Society of Wounded Soldiers in supporting veterans and other Estonian people.

Blue Hepatica pins and wristbands can also be purchased for a donation in COOP stores and e-shop, Selver stores and e-shop, Circle K gas stations, Apotheka pharmacies and e-pharmacies, Apollo bookstores and e-shop, R kiosks, Karupoeg Puhh stores and e-shop, Myfitness sports clubs, also in Estonia war museum, Cargobus, Tallinn busstation, Topauto and in cooperation with Smartpost Itella in the e-shop of www.annameau.ee website.

Välk taxi offers a 7% discount in Tartu from April 1 to April 30 to all passengers who have a campaign product with them or are wearing one. During this period, it is also possible to buy campaign products from the taxis.

We thank all the supporters and let us salute the veterans!

Contact and additional information:

Blue Hepatica Campaign Coordinator Laura Milk mobile: +372 55 922 290 e-mail: sinilill.ee@gmail.com

We thank the major sponsors and sales partners

We thank the sponsors and partners