Blue Hepatica Flower Charity Campaign  Estonian Spread Across Estonia

The Blue Hepatica flower charity campaign was organized for the third time in April this year. More than 400 volunteers from the Women’s Voluntary Defence Organization contributed to the success of the campaign. Almost 60 thematic events were organized throughout Estonia, and a popular event took the campaign also to Brussels. Thanks to the campaign, nearly 82,000 euros were collected for the Estonian Association of Wounded Warriors. The main purpose of the charity campaign is to encourage people to wear Blue Hepatica flower pins in recognition of veterans.

“We are very pleased to see that the Blue Hepatica flower campaign has become a highly anticipated event each spring and that the celebration of Veterans Day is honored in our society. Seeing so many people wearing Blue Hepatica flower pins and the positive feedback on our initiative, we can proudly say that our people care about veterans,” said Sergeant First Class Rasmus Penno, Head of the Board of the Estonian Association of Wounded Warriors.

Greatly due to the support of the Women’s Voluntary Defence Organization, the campaign “Let Us Salute” reached every corner of the country – they organized over 50 events to spread the word and the flowers. The popular Blue Hepatica Run was held not only in Tallinn, but for the first time in Tartu and Brussels, as well, with 650 participants altogether.

“Special thanks go out to the representatives of the Women’s Voluntary Defence Organization who took our flowers to the most remote places of Estonia. The Blue Hepatica campaign gave a large number of people with special needs and volunteers all over Estonia the opportunity of professional fulfillment; almost 140 people with special needs worked to make the pins out of felt. We are very grateful to everyone who recognized and saluted our veterans – quite a number of good deeds will be carried out thanks to this,” said Penno.

For the first time, the proceeds collected during the campaign were subdivided between several objectives and projects. This means that the good turn done by purchasing a Blue Hepatica pin reaches both wounded veterans and a broader target group. In addition to supporting sports and educational opportunities for veterans, certain amounts are also being donated to the MTÜ Peaasjad in support of psychological counselling and mental health services for young people. Peaasjad counsels 500 people per year on average. In addition, the rehabilitation and wellness centre of Pärnu Hospital will be able to purchase a new device to support rehabilitation after traumas and surgery. Also, funds from campaign will go to the Estonian Society of Physiotherapists to provide training for specialists in post-amputation physiotherapy rehabilitation.

The campaign was supported by the Ministry of Defence, the Estonian Defence Forces, the Women’s Voluntary Defence Organization, SEBE, Selver, Rahva Raamat, Olerex, Itella Logistics OÜ, R-Kiosk, Tallinn Airport, BAE Systems, Nordica, TV3, Forum Cinemas, JCDecaux, Postimees, Tallinn City Centre Government, Tartu City Government and Swedbank.

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The charity campaign is led by NGO Estonian Society of Wounded Soldiers and Naiskodukaitse

NGO Estonian Society of Wounded Soldiers (code 80364584)
Address: Lõkke 4, Tallinn / Contact: / Phone: +372 55 922 290

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