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The story of Blue Hepatica

The idea of creating a symbol of support for an Estonian veteran was born among the veterans themselves, in the midst of developing the veteran policy in 2012. They took the custom of wearing a red poppy flower in honor of veterans from Great Britain, Canada and Australia as an example. Inspired by that and the song from the Estonian War of Independence “Before the dusk fades”, the veterans suggested a blue hepatica flower to become the symbol of support.

The blue hepatica flower was chosen as the symbol of support for veterans in the spring of 2013 as a result of a public idea competition where 31 concept designs were received. Jury consisting of veterans and experts recognized designer Heino Prunsvelt´s “Blue Hepatica” as the best design.


According to Heino Prunsvelt, the author of the winning entry, the idea of the blue hepatica originated from the cap badge designed by himself for the Defence Forces in 1992. “From that experience arose the idea of combining the cap badge with blue hepatica flower and making them into a stylized ensemble. This flower is perfect as a symbol of support because it is one of the few flowers that blooms in nature on Veterans’ Day, and also every Estonian recognizes this flower,” said Prunsvelt. Rasmus Penno, a member of the armed forces and a veteran, said the blue hepatica is close to the heart to the members of the Defence Forces. “The armed forces know the Estonian War of Independence era song about three blue hepatica flowers blooming on a burial mound very well. As a veteran, I am very glad that blue hepatica was chosen as a symbol of support.”

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