The idea of the symbol to support veterans emerged from the veterans themselves in the course of drafting the veterans’ policy in 2012. The custom of Great Britain, Canada, and Australia to wear a red poppy flower was taken as an example. Inspired by the poppy flower campaign and by the song of the days of the Estonian War of Independence, veterans recommended the Blue Hepatica flower to be used as a symbol of veteran support.

A Blue Hepatica flower was chosen as the veteran support symbol in a public contest of ideas in 2013. There were 31 designs submitted to the contest, out of which the jury of veterans and experts chose the work by designer Heino Prunsvelt “Blue Hepatica flower” to be the winner.SINILILL

According to the winner of the contest, the idea of the Blue Hepatica flower emerged from the cockade of the Estonian Defence Forces, which he also developed in 1992.

“I had the idea to create a stylistic entity based on the cockade and the Blue Hepatica flower pin. Being one of the few flowers blooming in nature on Veterans Day, the Blue Hepatica flower is an excellent symbol to support veterans. In addition, this is a flower that every Estonian knows,” Prunsvelt said.

According to Staff Sergeant Rasmus Penno, veteran and serviceman, the Blue Hepatica flower is close to servicemen’s hearts. “Servicemen know very well an old song from the Estonian War of Independence about three Blue Hepatica flowers blooming on the burial mound of a soldier. As a veteran, I am very glad that the Blue Hepatica flower was chosen for that purpose,” said Staff Sergeant Penno.

The charity campaign is led by NGO Estonian Society of Wounded Soldiers and Naiskodukaitse

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