The NGO Estonian Society of Wounded Soldiers is a non-profit organisation founded by veterans. Its aim is to improve charity-based social care services, increase the social cohesion of veterans and provide any necessary support. The association works with servicemen of the Estonian Defence Forces and members of the Defence League who were wounded in the line of duty in Estonia or elsewhere.

The Estonian Society of Wounded Soldiers supports the rehabilitation, sports and further education of servicemen wounded in combat and their family members.  Improving the rehabilitation treatment system for all patients is one of the main goals of the association, as this would also contribute to the rehabilitation of our injured servicemen.

Volunteers of the Women’s Voluntary Defence Organization are the main Blue Hepatica Flower ambassadors; their task is to help spread the idea of the Blue Hepatica Flower campaign and collect donations by selling Blue Hepatica pins throughout Estonia.

The Women’s Voluntary Defence Organization is a volunteer organisation for women which aims to contribute to national defence and the development of the whole society by means of supporting the Defence League, educating people and instilling them with national pride. Since its foundation, the Women’s Voluntary Defence Organization has contributed to the enhancement of people’s willingness to defend their country, women’s increased participation in social life and improvement of their social skills.

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The charity campaign is led by NGO Estonian Society of Wounded Soldiers and Naiskodukaitse

NGO Estonian Society of Wounded Soldiers (code 80364584)
Address: Lõkke 4, Tallinn / Contact: / Phone: +372 55 922 290

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