31.03.2021 The Blue Hepatica campaign begins to recognize veterans of the Defense Forces and the Defense League

The Blue Hepatica campaign begins to recognize veterans of the Defense Forces and the Defense League

On April 1st, the eighth Blue Hepatica Campaign “Let Us Salute!” will begin, inviting people to wear the Blue Hepatica pin in recognition of veterans of the Defense Forces and the Defense League.

The Blue Hepatica campaign values ​​health aspects, and this year the campaign invites to participate in the Veterans’ Challenge. As public gatherings are prohibited due to restrictions, the Blue Hepatica Run takes place virtually and Veterans’ Rock concert will be shown on TV. 

Enn Adoson, Chairman of the Board of the Estonian Society of Wounded Soldiers (EVVÜ): “Despite the current difficult time in the country, veterans are always worthy of recognition. As last year, most of the campaign is virtual, but we very much hope that next year we will be able to do public events again. In the meantime, we invite people to wear the Blue Hepatica pin and take part in the veterans’ challenge!”

This year’s Blue Hepatica campaign invites to pay tribute to veterans by being active alone. Participate in the Veterans’ Challenge, where you run a general physical test distance of 3.2 kilometers. Capture the activity as a photo or video, upload the result and share it on social media using the #veteraniväljakutse. Then name next 3 friends who also must take part in the challenge!

Everyone who wants to participate in the competition with their result can register for the virtual race on the website www.annameau.ee.

In addition to the Blue Hepatica Virtual Run, this year our sponsoring partner Half An Hour Power invites you to take part in a month-long Blue Hepatica Journey, with 2 of the € 10 participation fee going to support the campaign. Participants walk according to the training kilometers they have completed on an interactive map of Estonia, visiting the units of the Defense Forces. More information and a travel guide can be found here: https://www.halfanhourpower.com/eesti/sinilill

This year, donations will be collected to support veterans, their loved ones and the health and sports community overall. Proceeds from the sale of the Blue Hepatica will help Narva Hospital to acquire the necessary equipment, NPO Peaasjad to continue its activities in promoting mental health, to set up an outdoor gym in Viljandi and the Estonian Disabled Sports Association to promote sports for people with special needs.

The campaign runs from April 1 to April 30. During this period, the Blue Hepatica can be purchased and thus donated at several points of sale, including no-contact options. The blue flower can be purchased by ordering from the Selver, Apotheka or Apollo e-stores. In cooperation with Itella Smartpost, campaign products can be purchased by ordering the product directly to the automated parcel lockers from the website www.annameau.ee. You can also purchase Blue Hepatica products from Selver, Apotheka pharmacies, Pet City stores and R-kiosks on spot. 

This year, more than 160 pharmacies using the Apotheka brand across Estonia and the Apotheka e-pharmacy will join the “Let Us Salute!” campaign, which will significantly increase the number of places selling the Blue Hepatica. According to Marika Pensa, the head of the Apotheka franchise, pharmacies are a few institutions that can keep their doors open and sell pins during restrictions. “Apotheka is very happy to help people support our veterans,” said Pensa. In addition to the pharmacies of the Apotheka franchise chain, blue Hepatica badges can be purchased in the PetCity pet stores and PetCity e-store belonging to the Magnum Group.

Throughout Estonia, the Volunteers of the Women’s Voluntary Defense Organization help collect donations by selling products with Blue Hepatica symbols in accordance with the conditions of restrictions.

The Blue Hepatica campaign is carried out by the Estonian Society of Wounded Soldiers in cooperation with the Women’s Voluntary Defense Organization. The Ministry of Defense, the Defense Forces, Estonian Defense Forces Veterans’ NPO, Selver, Apotheka, R-kiosk, Apollo, Myfitness, Karupoeg Puhh, Milworks, Threod Systems, BAE Systems, Nord Arms, Semetron, MARU Ehitus, Tactical Foodpack contribute to the success of the campaign. Half An Hour Gives Me Power, Estonian Volleyball Federation, Estonian Football Association, Estonian Basketball Federation, Fendernet, Digitrükk, Itella Estonia, FC Flora, FC Kuressaare, Swedbank, Telia and Minilaod.

Additional information: Blue Hepatica Campaign Coordinator Laura Rogenbaum, +372 55 922 290; sinilill.ee@gmail.com


The purpose of the Blue Hepatica campaign, which takes place for the eighth year, is to invite people to wear the Blue Hepatica pin in support of veterans of the Defense Forces and the Defense League and their relatives.

There are more than 3,000 veterans among us who have participated in various international military and peacekeeping operations around the world. The symbol of the veterans is the Blue Hepatica with which everyone can show that we value their contribution to our common security.

Each Blue Hepatica pin, made by people with special needs across Estonia through the Hea Hoog Foundation, is a unique handicraft.

Read more: www.annameau.ee

The charity campaign is led by NGO Estonian Society of Wounded Soldiers and Naiskodukaitse

NGO Estonian Society of Wounded Soldiers (code 80364584)
Address: Lõkke 4, Tallinn / Contact: sinilill.ee@gmail.com / Phone: +372 55 922 290

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