In the spring of 2014 and 2015, tens of thousands of people have contributed to the Estonian Society of Wounded Soldiers by buying blue hepatica flower pins, donating in excess of 170,000 Euros to assist veterans. The proceeds from previous campaigns were used to purchase post-amputation mobility aids and other rehabilitation aids for the East-Tallinn Hospital Clinic for Medical Rehabilitation. In addition, a robotic exoskeleton system – an innovative rehabilitation system used throughout Europe – was purchased for the Haapsalu Neurological Rehabilitation Centre. The association has also organized support groups for the family members of wounded and fallen servicemen.

The goal for spring 2016 is to extend the number of beneficiaries supported by the campaign proceeds. The Estonian Association of Wounded Warriors uses the proceeds from the sales of Blue Hepatica products to support the rehabilitation, sports and further education of wounded veterans and their family members. In addition, the association supports different projects that contribute to the rehabilitation treatment system and mental health care services for all patients, including injured servicemen.

With this year’s proceeds, the association aims to aid the Rehabilitation and Well-being Centre of Pärnu Hospital in purchasing a muscle strengthening device, and to help the Estonian Association of Physiotherapists organize professional training for specialists. The association also plans to support the NGO Peaasjad in handling issues related to the mental health of adolescents in a modern and open manner, with a special emphasis on enhancing e-counselling and training opportunities.

Foto: Eda Emur

Foto: Eda Emur

The charity campaign is led by NGO Estonian Society of Wounded Soldiers and Naiskodukaitse

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