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Every spring since 2014 the Estonian Association of Wounded Warriors in cooperation with the Women’s Voluntary Defence Organization carry out a charity campaign “Let us Salute!”. The campaign invites people to wear Blue Hepatica flower pins in recognition of veterans and their family members.

Modern day veterans have participated in international military operations and in peacekeeping operations in Croatia, Lebanon, Bosnia, Kosovo, Central African Republic, Iraq, Afghanistan and Mali. There are about 2800 veterans among us. They come from all over Estonia and are active in other fields of endeavor.

Veterans will always be united by their mission experience and their will to fight for Estonia’s freedom. The Estonian government and its allies have always highly valued the veterans of the Estonian Defence Forces and Defence League; however, the recognition and support of their family members, colleagues, friends and the whole nation is equally important.

The Blue Hepatica is a symbol for veterans and by wearing the Blue Hepatica flower pin you can express your appreciation for their contribution. This recognition is a source of great support to everyone sustaining our defence capability on a daily basis.

Each Blue Hepatica pin is a unique piece of handicraft. Hepatica flower lapel pins are made by people with special needs all over Estonia and are distributed by the Hea Hoog Foundation. Volunteers of the Women’s Voluntary Defence Organization help spread the vision of the campaign, distribute the flower pins and collect donations throughout Estonia.

In addition, the purchase of Blue Hepatica pins helps the Estonian Association of Wounded Warriors support both wounded veterans and other people of Estonia. The Estonian Association of Wounded Warriors supports the rehabilitation, sports and further education of servicemen wounded in combat and their family members. In addition, the association’s contribution to the rehabilitation of servicemen benefits all patients in the rehabilitation treatment system.

From 6 April to 30 April, Blue Hepatica pins and wristbands are also sold in Selver supermarkets, Rahva Raamat bookshops, Apollo bookshops, Olerex gas stations, R-kiosks, Tallinn Airport shops, on Nordica flights and in cooperation with Itella Smartpost on the web site www.annameau.ee.

Thank you all for your donations! Let us salute our veterans!