09.04.2015 Support the veterans by buying Blue Hepatica flower pins

The charity campaign “Let Us Salute!” led by the Estonian Association of Wounded Warriors and Women’s Voluntary Defence Organization is launched today. The campaign invites people to wear Blue Hepatica flower pins in support of veterans and their family members. The success of last year’s campaign exceeded all expectations. This year the proceeds of the campaign will be used for the purchase of the rehabilitation robotic system for the Haapsalu Neurological Rehabilitation Centre.

“Blue Hepatica flower is a small, yet a powerful symbol for all men and women who have protected our security in missions far from home. It’s my biggest pleasure to see that, in addition to our allies and state, our friends, colleagues and other people wish to show their respect to today’s veterans in such a simple way,” said Staff Sergeant and veteran Rasmus Penno, member of the Estonian Association of Wounded Warriors.

With last year’s campaign almost 68,000 euros were gathered with the sales of Blue Hepatica flower pins to purchase mobility aids for the East-Tallinn Hospital Clinic for Medical Rehabilitation.

“In addition to its emotional value, the Blue Hepatica flower campaign provides even better treatment opportunities for both veterans and other patients. We are pleased to tell you that by now as many as 100 patients have received rehabilitation services using the device purchased with the proceeds of last year’s campaign,” said Rasmus Penno.

This year the proceeds from the sales of Hepatica flowers pins and other products will be donated to the Haapsalu Neurological Rehabilitation Centre to purchase a modern mobile robotic system. This device is necessary for the treatment of wounded veterans and other patients with severe spinal cord and brain injuries.

Each Hepatica flower pin is uniquely crafted by people with special needs all over Estonia and are distributed by the Hea Hoog Foundation. Volunteers of the Women’s Voluntary Defence Organization help spread the vision of the campaign, distribute the flower pins and collect donations throughout Estonia. Our partners and sponsors are: the Ministry of Defence, SEBE, Selver, Rahva Raamat, Olerex, Itella, R-Kiosk, Tallinn Airport, Estonian Air, Forum Cinemas, JCDecaux, Postimees, Tallinn Downtown District Government, Swedbank.

Hepatica flower pins are sold in Selver outlets, Rahva Raamat bookshops, SEBE buses marked with a Blue Hepatica flower, Olerex gas stations, R-kiosks, and Tallinn Airport shops from 9 April to 3 May.